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Convoy Cabaret's website

More than simply a festival stage or event, Convoy Cabaret opens a vortex to the carnival and carnal world of the anarcho-DIY travelling festival scene. Has to be seen to be believed!

Equinox Festival website

Finish off your festival season properly with this beaut of an event in Lincolnshire...

APV on Facebook

Free open-air festival in the centre of Arras, France organised by L'Asso du Porte-Voix collective. If you're near the North East of France on May Day get down to it!

Soundscape's website

100% solar powered stage. As seen at festivals such as Green Gathering and Equinox, these guys have a real passion for putting on live music...

Tartous on Facebook

This place is tremendous! A real community hub combining a shop, pub, cafe, eatery, event venue and meeting place for all in the surrounding areas of Monchy-Breton...