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Bossmag's website

Weird purveyors of wildly high-energy, carnivalesque, theatrical, comedic and heavily themed musical experimentations... just go and see them!

BUFF on Facebook

Cosmic anarcho-space punk from up Manchester way. Sounds like Culture Shock and Hawkwind having a proper sesh together...

China Shop Bull's website

Combine elements of hip hop, punk, ska, drum and bass and reggae, with high-octane performances and musicianship... you're still way off what these guys can do!

BAASTA's website

Electro hard rock and punk duo from France. Bangin' guitar, bass and beats with catchy hooks. You may not understand what they're saying but, trust us, it's fucking amazing!

Brassick on Facebook

Explosive high-energy punk band. The music is full of fury keeping you bouncing throughout the whole set...

Dissident Noize Factory's music

This powerful 3-piece mash up punk, ska, gypsy break beat and electronic, and really get the dance floor slamming!