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A Land Fit For Heroes - do you want to drink a magic potion...?

Spring 2021

"Last year changed everything: it just shows how fragile best-laid plans can be" philosophises Rex, bouzouki player of One Eyed God. Having spent the recent past building their reputation through relentless gigging, 2020 ruined all chance of that happening.

However, the lack of live action hasn't meant inaction with the completion of their latest album 'A Land Fit For Heroes'. An evolution of 2015's 'The First and Last Freedom': punk, ska, folk, dub, and reggae are fused to capture the carnival atmosphere of the festival season. "Some are like stumbling into Narnia or something: magic and mental!" states drummer and vocalist Buz, "That experience is why we keep making music."

'A Land Fit For Heroes' offers listeners the humorously absurd with songs like 'Gummy Cat', beer-chucking barnstormers like 'Break of Dawn', and anarchic anthems covering war, corruption, and systemic betrayal such as the album's title track. "You can only write about what fires you up..." says saxophonist Dai, who penned the title track's lyrics, "...whether it's the good, the bad, or the ridiculous. Art imitating life, I suppose."

By Frank Badham, SUYD (used with permission)