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" infectiously raucous wall of sound..."

Fusing atomic-grade drum rhythms, punchy guitars, manic bass-lines, sax driven melodies and Balkan bouzouki licks into one monstrous musical maelstrom: this five-piece combo embody the vivacious carnival atmosphere of a festival!

Energetic and powerful live performances have propelled OEG to festival must-sees regularly gracing events such as Boomtown Fair, Bearded Theory, and Equinox. Every achievement, headline slot, social media like, and merch sale has been built off of a relentless schedule of live shows both in the UK and Europe.

However, in 2020, this live energy was re-focused into recording their next studio album 'A Land Fit For Heroes', ready to be set free and set on the public in 2021.

So if you ever hear the riotous blasts and anthemic melodies coming from a stage, live event, or even a set of speakers, this year: ONE EYED GOD are in town and tearing it up...